Spenkartbasics exclusive product

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Spenkartbasics exclusive product

599 365

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Spenkartbasics Gaming Mouse Pad

This is an awsome exclusive Merchandise from spenkart perfect choice for anyone who uses a mouse for long duration at a time, this spenkartbasic Gaming Mouse Pad provides a sleek design and makes an useful addition to any desktop or gaming station. This mouse pad offers excellent control and smooth gliding for enhanced precision, which can accommodates any type of mouse.

Smooth Cloth Surface

The Spenkartbasics Gaming Mouse Pad features a smooth high-quality surface, which gives effortless, skid-free mouse gliding. The thin, sleek pad helps keep you in complete control and focused on the task at hand that will helps in optimizing the work.

Rubberized Base

No need to worry on mouse pad being  slipping away. It’s 3mm rubberized base makes it skid free. This  mouse pad effectively grips any surface.

Features & details

  • Gaming mouse pad-ideal for gamers, graphic designers, or for those who use mouse for long session at a time. 
  • High-quality surface thus gives mouse gliding and enhanced precision
  • Steady, thick, rubberized base keeps mouse pad in place
  • Machine washable. 
  • Measures 12 X 10 X 0.11 inches 


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